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The Goodlett Lab will have 6 posters and 2 oral presentations at ASMS 2017

At the 2017 ASMS annual meeting in Indianapolis, the Goodlett lab will have the following 6 posters and 2 oral presentations. Check out the links at left to download pdf copies. The conference details may be found by searching at for "Goodlett" on the conference planner function at

Oral Presentation

  • Fondrie et al. Detecting Antibiotic Resistance by MALDI-TOF Analysis of Bacterial Membrane Glycolipids. TOF 3:30pm [pdf]
  • Goodlett et al. Comparison of Quadrupole and Ion Trap Collision Induced Dissociation for Structure Determination of Francisella Novicida Lipid A Variants. WOD 4:10pm [pdf]


  • Oyleret al. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Hemolytic Toxins from Dinoflagellates Specifically Associated with Fish Kills by Mass Spectrometry [pdf]
  • Leung et al. Identification of ESKAPE Pathogens by MALDI-TOF MS Analysis of Microbial Membrane Glycolipids [pdf]
  • Khan et al. Structure Activity Relationship Elucidation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lipopolysaccharide Variants Associated with Cystic Fibrosis using a Multivaried Mass Spectrometric Approach
  • Yoon et al. Molecular Structural Analysis of the Gram-positive Bacterial Membrane – Enterococcus faecium and Staphylococcus aureus [pdf]
  • Liang et el. Ultra-Rapid Identification of Bacteria by MALDI-TOF MS [pdf]
  • Awasthi et al. A SRM/MRM Based Targeted Proteomics Strategy for Quantification of Potential Biomarkers of TKI Sensitivity in EGFR Mutated Lung Adenocarcinoma [pdf]
  • Yoon et al. Bio-molecule characterization using a novel ion mobility orbitrap mass spectrometer [pdf]

The Goodlett Lab and collaborators will have 12 posters and 1 oral presentation at the upcoming 2016 ASMS meeting

At the 2016 ASMS annual meeting in San Antonio, the Goodlett lab will have the following 12 posters and 1 oral presentation. Check out the links below to download posters from our lab. The conference details may be found by searching at for "Goodlett" on the conference planner function here.

Oral Presentation

  • Scott et al. Absorption mode processing of MALDI-FT-ICR imaging data improves mapping of Gram-negative bacterial virulence factors on-tissue


  • Yoon et al. Bio-molecule characterization using a novel ion mobility orbitrap mass spectrometer [pdf]
  • Kilgour et al. Autopiquer – introducing a new approach to high confidence peak detection
  • Goo et al. Top-down mass spectrometry applications for detection of N-terminal sequence heterogeneity and PTMs for a therapeutic molecule
  • Awasthi et al. Phosphoproteomic analysis of differential protein expression in BRaf-Mutated melanoma cells with acquired resistance to BRaf, MEK1/2, or ERK1/2 inhibitors
  • Oyler et al. Structural characterization of membrane glycolipids from marine sponge-associated bacteria by mass spectrometry [pdf]
  • Khan et al. Top-down Structural elucidation of gram-negative bacterial endotoxins by tandem mass spectrometry [pdf]
  • Leung et al. Structural characterization of lipid biomarkers fromStaphylococcus aureusfollowing microextraction for mass spectrometric phenotyping [pdf]
  • Zambrzycki et al. Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization Sample Introduction for Vacuum-Assisted Plasma Ionization
  • Yen et al. Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization – Mass Spectrometry: A Tool for Rapid Analysis of Food Products
  • Liang et al. Performance Characterization of Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization for Lipid A Mass Spectrometric Analysis [pdf]
  • Goodlett et al. Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization – Mass Spectrometry on a TripleTOF Mass Spectrometer
  • Chandler et al. A Rapid, Cell Culture-Based Method for Biomarker Discovery and Drug Screening by MALDI-MSI

Redesign of MSBM Website

In preparation for the celebration of MSBM X a new website has been designed by the folk at the University of Amsterdam. Please check it out here Thanks to the Corthals Lab for setting this up!

New NIH funding received
Goodlett and Ernst laboratories receive 1 R01 GM111066-01 award entitled MS diagnostic bacterial identification library to develop MS methods for bacterial identification.

Read more about it here.
Dave speaks at 10th Siena Proteome Conference
20 years on: Participants at the 10th Siena Proteome Conference
Dave and Maureen Celebrate Waters COI Program
Waters Meeting

Dave and Maureen celebrate the Waters COI program at Charleston in Baltimore, MD during ASMS 2014.Click to read Water’s interview of Dave and Maureen.

SAWN on Synapt G2S

SAWN on the SYNAPT G2S with the LC door swung back on the gas off

Dave's FiDiPro Video Portrait

Tekes and the Academy of Finland, who are sponsors of the Finland Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro) program that Dave is participating in, recently began making so-called FiDiPro video portraits of all of the participants. This one chronicles Dave and the diabetes and ovarian cancer projects where they are looking for protein biomarkers of disease using previously published methods from the Goodlett laboratory; namely a label free method for profiling large numbers of samples (Foss et al. Nat Gen 2007) and a deep sequencing method known as PAcIFIC (Panchaud et al. Anal Chem 2009) both of which have been transferred to Turku. These two methods are being coupled with the accurate mass and time (AMT) tag approach for profiling several hundred clinical samples in 2014 and 2015 et al.Biotechniques. 2004).
Dave's Birthday Lunch
Group Photo at the Indian Buffet - Lexington Market
The lab at lunch at Lexington Market's Mem Sahib Indian restaurant celebrating Dave's 54th birthday. Picture left to right are Bao Tran (post doc), David P. A. Kilgour (faculty), Wenjing Li (grad student kane lab), Young Ah Goo (faculty), Dave Goodlett (faculty), Sung Hwan Yoon (post doc), Michael Wilson (staff scientist), Tao Liang (grad student goodlett lab), Lisa Leung (grad student goodlett lab), and not present Shivangi Awasthi (grad student goodlett lab).
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy announce appointment of Dave to the faculty
The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy has welcomed David Goodlett, PhD, as its newest faculty member. Goodlett joined the department as a full professor, the Isaac E. Emerson Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and director of the Mass Spectrometry Facility following his tenure as professor and director of the Mass Spectrometry Center at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Empowering Biomarker Discovery and Therapeutic Solutions via Mass Spectrometry
Waters and UMB announce a Symposium hosted by the University of Maryland and sponsored by Waters Corporation Centers of Innovation. This symposium is open to all scientists with an interest in Pharmaceutical Mass Spectrometry. Registration is now open. (PDF)
Dave describes his experience working with Finnish researchers
On the FIDIPRO report, Dave shares his experience working with Finnish researchers. The objective of this study is to apply cutting-edge discovery-based, quantitative proteomics in the analysis of carefully selected longitudinal samples from on-going studies with type-1 diabetes and epithelial ovarian cancer that are linked to comprehensive clinical data. With the integration of these data we aim to identify serum biomarkers that characterize the development of disease and aid in patient stratification and response to treatment. In both applications the discovery of disease related biomarkers would have a significant clinical impact and result in better diagnosis and treatment of the disease. With this proposed collaboration and scientific exchange with Professor Goodlett of the University of Washington, we will apply his recently developed PAcIFIC strategy that facilitates the quantification of multiple protein/peptide targets with minimal sample preparation. Overall, with the implementation and application of this technology, this will present a platform for diagnostics significant to research in Turku and Finland.
Dave's farewell lecture to PACMASS and TAPAS
On 4 October 2012 Dave spoke to the PACMASS and TAPAS local Seattle area MS groups about some of the work done during his nine years at the UW. The following video link is a recording of the ~ 50' long lecture. The lecture begins by re-tracing the educational steps that led to him join the UW in January 2004 and goes on to describe recent work on a novel ionization method known as SAWN (Heron et al. Anal Chem. 2010; Huang et al. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2012; Yoon et al. Anal Chem. 2012), a systematic data-independent shotgun proteomic method known as PAcIFIC (Panchaud et al. Anal Chem. 2009; Panchaud et al. Anal Chem. 2011; Hengel et al. J Proteome Res. 2011; Acosta-Martin et al. PLoS One. 2011; Goo et al. J Proteome Res. 2012) and a data-dependent shotgun proteomic method known within the lab as the Foss method (Foss et al. Nat Genet. 2007; Foss et al. PLoS Biol. 2011; Foss et al. J Proteome Res. 2012). The collective efforts of the SAWN project have led to the UW spinout of Deurion ( a company focused on SAWN prototype development and rapid bacterial identification. The PAcIFIC papers describe a simple, systematic way to characterize proteomes without prior fractionation while the Foss papers describe our successful efforts to track inheritance of quantitative traits in yeast via proteomics, which most recently has been shown to be capable of classification of AML and ALL patients and therefore holds real promise for use in discovery of protein biomarkers of disease.
Goodlett Laboratory moving to Maryland
After nine productive years at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy the Goodlett laboratory will relocate to the School of Pharmacy at the University of Maryland's Baltimore campus in January 2013. After almost twenty years in Seattle the decision to move was not an easy one. However, the move will provide a combination of new opportunities both for Dave's family and the academic laboratory. More details of the new laboratory will follow this Autumn. Thanks to all our colleagues and collaborators at the UW who have made our time here a great success. Dave 25 July 2012
Goodlett lab collaborators have two orals and eleven posters to upcoming 2012 ASMS meeting
At ASMS Vancouver the Goodlett lab and collaborators have a total of two orals and eleven posters all listed below. The details may be found by searching at for "Goodlett" on the conference planner function here.
  • Edgar et al. "Coupling Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization with Droplet Microfluidics for Rapid Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry"
  • Goo et al. "Proteomic discovery and validation on a single MS platform using a PAcIFIC directed pseudo-SRM"[pdf]
  • Yen et al. "PDMS Microchannels Coupled to Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization Mass Spectrometry"
  • Heron et al. "Optimizing Sensitivity of Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization for MS"[pdf]
  • Dennison et al. "Development and Application of Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulisation for Top-Down Protein Fragmentation"
  • Monkkonen et al. "Native Mass Spectrometry of Noncovalent Protein Complexes by Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization"[pdf]
  • Yoon et al. "Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization Mass Spectrometry Facilitates Lipid A Analysis"[pdf]
  • Jones et al. "Repair of the Yersinia pestis Palmitoyl Transferase (PagP) Restores a Robust LPS Pro-Inflammatory Response"[pdf]
  • Kao et al. "Probabilistic E-value Scoring for the Precursor Ion Independent Top-down Algorithm"[pdf]
  • Masselon et al. "Surface acoustic wave nebulization mass spectrometry for rapid and sensitive amino acid analysis"[pdf]
  • Pan et al. "Mass spectrometry based quantitative proteomics to investigate plasma proteome alterations associated with pancreatic cancer"
  • Liu et al. "Protein Identification Using Top-Down Spectra"
  • Huang et al. "Defining Limit of Detection of Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization (SAWN) MS"[pdf]
Ardgour Ethos award
Dave Goodlett and Clint Veal received Ardgour Symposium Ethos awards at the 2011 event. The awards are given out to those who - over time - embody the spirit of the event. The Ardgour symposium is organized by current and former members of Dr Patrick R.R. Langridge-Smith's group at the University of Edinburgh school of Chemistry. Each year the event hosts discussions on science and technology related to the physical and biomedical sciences.
Goodlett lab mourns loss of Sid Nelson
Friday night 9 December our friend and mentor Sid Nelson passed away suddenly at home. Sid was one of the nicest people I knew in academics or otherwise. He was directly responsible for recruiting me from the ISB to the UW eight years ago and thus the formation of our lab. Beyond his cordial, polite nature he was extremely helpful to anyone who had a problem to solve and no matter the topic he would take the time to meet you. In our case, he was also responsible for our success in protein chemical crosslink analysis as it was Sid who brought us the first problem to solve. As Dean he was responsible for soliciting the funds to support informatics in the School of Pharmacy MS facility, which by the way are the only recurring funds ever to come from the central administration to support the facility. These funds have been the glue that tied the lab together year after year supporting a half-dozen different programmers. Everyone who has passed through our lab owes a great debt of gratitude to Sid because of his support to get our lab started on a solid foundation and for nurturing us along the way.
Dave's family safe in Alabama
A number of folk have asked about Dave's family back in Alabama. While the storms came close to both his sister's place near Montgomery and his parents' farm near Huntsville, neither sustained serious damage. The farm is without power due to the shutdown of the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant on the Tennessee River, which lost transmission lines in the storms. So the worst that has happened to them is an inconvenience of being without power and the loss of two freezers' worth of vegetables. That, though, is insignificant in comparison to the loss of life and property in places like the little town of Phil Campbell near to them which was obliterated from the map.
Scott Heron to give oral presentation at ASMS Conference
Scott Heron's abstract submission to the ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics has been accepted as an oral presentation in the "Instrumentation: New Developments in Ionization" session. The abstract is titled "Improved performance of Surface Acoustic Wave Ionization (SAWN) using an additional voltage: potentials and drawbacks." Co-authors with Scott are Christophe Masselon, Yue Huang, Scott Edgar, Sung Hwan Yoon, and Dave Goodlett. The presentation will detail recent work investigating ionization efficiency and oxidation processes associated with SAWN in the presence and absence of external voltages.
Goodlett Lab sends nine posters to upcoming ASMS meeting
The following abstracts have been accepted as posters for the 59th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics to be held June 5-9, 2011, in Denver, CO:
  • Chapman et al. "A novel proteomics approach to quantitative direct sample infusion: rapid protein identification and quantification using data-independent acquisition"
  • Huang et al. "Comparison of internal energy deposition with Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization (SAWN) and Electospray Ionization"
  • Jung et al. "Derivation of five essential factors to predict peptide tandem mass spectrometric detectability"
  • Monkkonen et al. "Tandem MS analysis of peptides proteolyzed on and nebulized from a surface acoustic wave chip"
  • Nguyen et al. "Top-down Precursor Acquisition Independent From Ion Count (PAcIFIC)"
  • Singh et al. "Mass spectrometric strategies for improved identification of cross-linked peptides"
  • Ting et al. "Cross correlation score aids objective Lipid A structure assignment"
  • To et al. "Profiling of bioactive chocolate extracts by high resolution mass spectrometry"
  • Yoon et al "Structural analysis of Lipid A using Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization"
Pragya Singh defends doctoral dissertation
Pragya Singh, a member of the Goodlett lab, defended her doctoral dissertation "Structural and Functional Characterization of Bacterial Secretion Systems Using Mass Spectrometry". Dr. Singh was a student in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, advised by Dave Goodlett. Congratulations, Pragya!
Sunhee Jung defends doctoral dissertation
Sunhee Jung, a member of the Goodlett Lab and the Aitchison Lab, defended her doctoral dissertation "From protein redistribution to proteotypic peptides: Application and developments of mass spectrometry". Dr. Jung was a student in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program. Congratulations, Sunhee!
SAWN In Action
Check out a video of Surface Acoustice Wave Nebulization, in which a 2-microliter droplet is nebulized by surface acoustic waves generated from a piezoelectric lithium niobate surface (provided courtesy of the Cooper Group, University of Glasgow). The droplets are drawn into the transfer capillary of a Thermo LTQ-FTICR mass spectrometer for analysis.
The UW has filed a patent on the use of surface acoustic wave nebulization (SAWN) as a means to introduce nonvolatile samples into a mass spectrometer from a flat surface at atmospheric pressure. The associated publication is Heron SR, et al., "Surface Acoustic Wave Nebulization of Peptides as Microfluidic Interface for Mass Spectrometry." Anal Chem. 82(10):3985-3989 (2010).

The SAWN method provides a new way to introduce nonvolatile samples into a mass spectrometer without the need for capillaries or any nozzle as is needed by electrospray ionization, while maintaining the benefits of multiple charging. These features will accelerate lipid structure analysis carried out by the lab.